Welcome to Ted Key’s Events illustration!

IMG-1616Ted is an experienced caricaturist providing professional events illustration services for weddings, private parties and corporate functions. Ted draws quick humorous portraits of guests. He also does watercolour sketches of ceremonies or speakers as well as commissioned artwork produced in studio from photo reference. He primarily provides live caricature services weddings and private functions in  Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Durdbanville, Overberg, West Coast and the rest of the Western Cape area but also travels to events throughout South Africa.

Ted has drawn at dozens of parties and weddings and has produced thousands of live caricature portraits. He draws 16-18 faces an hour (that’s 3-4 minutes a face). Having Ted draw at your event is a great way to provide entertainment and a laugh for the guests while also providing a take home gift for the guest being drawn.

Ted can also be booked to draw sketches of wedding ceremonies and key note speeches etc. These watercolour and ink sketches are a great way to capture and personalize the moment. A wedding ceremony takes between 20 min-1hour to sketch, depending on the ceremony length and time available. c24

Ted can also work from photos after the event to produce naturalistic, yet stylized, pen and ink with watercolour drawings
A4 with illustration flowing into white of the page
When not doing caricature work, Ted illustrates books and illustrative artwork . He goal is always to bring some of the book illustration feel to both his live caricatures and his event scene sketches. 

Ted also offers the service of commissioned artwork done from studio. This service is perfect if you are looking for fun staff gifts at work or as pre made gifts for guests at a wedding or as a design for a wedding invite. Should you wish to contact Ted for any of the above services please make your way to the contact page.

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